Past State Presidents

Name Chapter/Region Year in Office
Elizabeth Lyons Simonetti Middlesex-Somerset 1981-82
Phyllis Worne Tri-County 1982-83
Lois Rand Somerset 1983-84
Susan Bass Levin Tri-County 1984-85
Aldonna Ambler Tri-County 1985-86
Katherine Jasmine Middlesex-Somerset 1986-87
Nanette Mantell Middlesex-Somerset 1987-88
Sharon Gordon Tri-County 1988-90
Anne Hurwitt Bergen 1990-91
Eileen Shrem Monmouth-Ocean 1991-93
Diahann Lassus Union 1993-94
Suzanne Pease Monmouth-Ocean 1994-95
Suzanne Low Morris 1995-96
Sandy Newman Middlesex-Somerset 1996-97
A. Lorraine Jones Monmouth-Ocean 1997-98
Joanne Yard Tri-County 1998-99
Marcie Horowitz Monmouth-Ocean 1999-2000
Donna Myers Monmouth-Ocean 2000-01
Elsa Reinhardt Passaic 2001-02
Alyce Hackett Morris 2002-03
Marlene Waldock Morris 2003-04
Sue Fitzpatrick Monmouth-Ocean 2004-05
Robin Berg Tabakin, Esq. Morris 2005-07
Rosemarie Strawn Middlesex-Somerset 2007-08
Patricia R. Carley, Esq. Sussex-Warren 2008-09
Marya Grier Mercer 2009-10
Willa Edgerton-Chisler Essex 2010-11
Holly Jerome Middlesex-Somerset 2011-12
Mary Adelman Northwest 2012-15
Rosanna Imbriano MetroEast 2015-18

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