You’re Invited to Join Us!

A message from NJAWBO President, Bertha Robinson

Why Become a Member of NJAWBO?

NJAWBO is the New Jersey statewide organization for women business owners.  NJAWBO provides New Jersey’s women business owners growth opportunities through networking, education, and active support from members. Membership in NJAWBO brings value through developing Relationships that lead to Referrals which result in Revenue.


  • Join NJAWBO to extend your network and create lasting connections.
  • Meet hundreds of other women business owners through virtual and in person events.


  • Join NJAWBO to strengthen capabilities and gain knowledge and skills to directly apply to your business.
  • NJAWBO provides its members with learning opportunities, including sessions with NJAWBO members who are subject matter experts in their fields.
  • NJAWBO brings in non-member experts for learning that is beneficial to women entrepreneurs.
  • NJAWBO maintains strong partner relationships with the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship (WCEC) and the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE), each of which provides a broad catalog of business education opportunities across the state of New Jersey.


  • Join NJAWBO for the personal and professional support you get when you’ve created relationships with other women business owners who have faced and overcome growth challenges.

We welcome membership from women business owners and those who wish to do business with and support women business owners.