NJAWBO Membership

NJAWBO is a membership organization that encourages and supports business ownership by women. It is owned and managed by its members.

1. ACTIVE – (VOTING): A woman who

  1. Holds ownership interest in a business
  2. Maintains a place of business for the Business, and
  3. Substantially manages or works in the Business. The ownership interest shall be either a sole proprietorship; a general partner in a partnership; a shareholder in a corporation who has the authority as a director and/or officer of the corporation, or a member in a limited liability company with authority to make decisions and who is actively involved in the overall or the day-to-day management of the business, commissioned agents or brokers representing a parent company but which company does not control the means and methods by which they operate.


Individuals (women and men) who support the objectives of the Corporation but do not meet the criteria for a voting class member. An Associate member is an owner of a business that is not 51% woman-owned or someone who is an employee (receiving a W2 form and not a 1099).

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